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   posted by granpea at 12:39 AM

Looking for a comment board? Here's another one i just found. Don't have a place to try it out right now, but if you try it will you please let us know how it works... if you like it .... etc.? It's called SquawkBox and is free. Totally different topic...Found another news space. These are always good for ideas and this one even lists across the top another bunch of news spaces. Oh, yeah! It's called CyberPaperboy. Check it out. Windy and OttO... You guys are really getting some good stuff up here! I like it!
   posted by sherle at 7:49 PM  
Hey Team! I submitted this site to two web rings. I will keep on the search, but these two sounded good for starters. The links are to the left, but if you want to move them, feel free! I'll let you know when we are accepted, it should help to increase traffic around here! Take care!
   posted by Windy at 12:18 AM

Saw this Siglet today: 'Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen.' Good subject, huh? That, of course, suggested to me that we need Siglet of the Moment as a 'permanent' blogger seed, so you'll find it now... right below that wonderful bunch of ideas on the left! Keep on bloggin'.
   posted by sherle at 11:38 PM

Hollywood HalfWits!!! Just look at those names! These are the self-designated experts on world affairs. If only their brains were as big as their boobs! Go to the site... pick one... I could yammer on for hours!
   posted by ladiosa at 7:20 PM  
NEW!!! a forum - check it out! In a hurry? Got an idea? Team member or NOT --- share your ideas here! ... or anything else for that matter! Just keep it clean. We don't want to ban anybody from the forum now, do we? We encourage people of all ages to share your ideas here. There is no idea too big, too small, too dumb or too complicated! Become a regular member of our little 'idea factory' right here on the Blogger Seeds Forum!
   posted by sherle at 11:10 AM

Hey Bug! For the topics we are keeping check out the left side of the blog. You can easily add your own topics by going into the template, or email your ideas to one of the other team members and we'd be glad to add them for you. It's pretty easy though, I just added a few myself!
   posted by Windy at 5:15 PM

Welcome, Bug! Of course this is where the cool people hang out! I think granni is working on your request even before you mentioned it. I understand, and I think that's a good idea. (I believe a comment place or tagboard or something will be added soon.) (I suppose we don't have to make granni do all the work of us could.) Going to check out Windy's link. We do have some good ideas here. Thanks granni for yours!
   posted by OttO at 11:41 PM  
Howdy fellow bloggers! I found a pretty neat site. It's called "This or That Tuesday". The link is This or That Tuesday I think I'll play along for a while with it, and you might like it too!
   posted by Windy at 10:08 PM  
I have some responses to things that were brought up here, but first I would like to say "Thanks!" for the invite. This is where the cool people hang, right? Next, the blogs seem a little chaotic; is this how it's going to be, or would we have discussions here? I like rules and standards to go by. ~smile~
   posted by Jan at 11:14 AM  
1. How do you feel about the war? Necessary? Scarey? A sin? 2. How do you explain war to a child? 3. Do you have a 'safety' plan?
   posted by ladiosa at 9:00 AM  
I like that one OttO! It made me think of another... Analyze a favorite quote. Excite has 'quote of the day'... i think Yahoo might have one too... and i'm sure if you type in 'quotes' at Google you'll find more!
   posted by sherle at 8:36 AM

Another possible place: If you have yahoo as your homepage, you can list 'a word of the day' on there. Maybe we could take a word we've never used (or maybe never even heard of before) and try using it in an intelligent way in a blog! Maybe?
   posted by OttO at 11:28 PM

Read your favorite newspaper/newsletter online... current events, be they quirky, serious, or just outright outrageous...!!! If you're a true blogger, you'll never be at a loss for words... if not, take up basket weaving. Here's an interesting newspaper that always gets my blood boiling: The Washington Times I then went to a local newspaper... of my favorite Michigan vacation spot - the Ludington Daily News... and found an interesting topic about lawbreakers on the highway in Scottville!
   posted by sherle at 10:57 AM

Hi! I'm just testing this.
   posted by Windy at 3:57 PM  
Thanks for the inside scoop on the emoticons! There are some really cute ones so that will be useful information. Started a "Suggested Blog Topics" list down there on the left. Add them as you think of them!
   posted by OttO at 3:33 PM  
Hey guys! Do you, like me, have those cute little emoticons from Want to use them in your blog? Can't copy them by the 'right click/save picture as' method? Choose the ones you want to use and email them to yourself! Voila!!! From your email you can do the save picture thingy just fine! ...and yup, I agree! We need a list... gonna do it, OttO?
   posted by sherle at 10:36 AM

"Bulk Mail" ~ (should we be adding these to a list?) It might be a good idea so we don't lose these suggested topics in our archives section. Agree or disagree?
   posted by Nat at 12:35 AM

Topic Ideas: A "favorites" list. It could include movies, books, music, etc. I'm sure you get the idea! By the way, I like your idea, Gramma, about a combined effort recipe blog! I'll keep thinking, and post some new ideas soon!
   posted by Windy at 10:30 PM  
Hi Gramma! I'm glad you invited me. Will this blog now show up on my blogs when I go to blogger? I guess I'll find out! Thanks for setting this up. I'll be adding some ideas soon! Windy
   posted by Windy at 5:44 PM  
Topic Ideas: "Balancing Work and Play" ~ "Psychological Health and Physical Health: How Are They Related?" (Is this what we're supposed to do here?) *smile*
   posted by Nat at 5:37 PM  
ooooooooo!!! i'm gonna like this!!! I already have one idea... wouldn't it be great to have a 'recipe' blog? combined effort - and who would do the design? hmmm! we could wrestle for that one! Anyway. here are a couple of ideas i already have: 1. child of divorce????? ... and is it different than child of kid whose parent died??? (Some woman wrote a book on child of divorce - what does she know anyway???) 2. blogs that have too many pages to go through before you can read anything!!!! The Topics Blog - last (& final) update - March 02.2003!!! The Morning News
   posted by sherle at 2:39 PM  
This is gramma's brain... this is gramma's brain on blogger... this is gramma's brain at play... this is gramma's brain??? This is not really just gramma's brain. This is a place for OttO and Windy to add their two cents worth too! This is our idea place! If anybody else wants to join up - they're welcome! All's they have to do is any or all of the following:
  • be a family member
  • be a blogger - or wanna be
  • wanna share their bloggin' ideas!
  • wanna share ideas they wanna read in a blog
  • just wanna be a member because they're a family member!
   posted by granpea at 2:14 PM

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