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Like to blog hop? Want more people to visit your blog? Add your blog to our list... visiting other people's blogs always inspires me to write in my own blog. Just added an interactive blog section to bloggerseeds. Gotta work out a minor detail before we can get it going right, but have faith and come back. If bloggerseeds was my 'only' job i'd fix it right now but unfortunately i have other things to do right now. Check the right side panel to see it! Actually your can even blog in it right now... it's just that it will take a little more effort on my part to display the whole thing. FYI.... here's the entire blog (written by La Diosa Del Lago) so you can read it before i get it fixed: Got ideas? Share them right here! You can even be a contributing member without even signing in! Want to share your blog or website with more people? Add your URL and a brief description in the 'Bravenet' form above, then tell us all about it here. Welcome to the truly interactive wave of the future... thanks to TongueWag!
  • Write your article in the space provided - which by the way includes all the 'bells & whistles' you could possibly want!
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  • One of the 'bloggerseeds' team will read it for relevance.
  • If accepted, we will immediately publish it!
  • What could be easier?
  • We're open to all kinds of ideas, just not too happy with foul language because our kids also use the site and we want to keep it family friendly.
We at 'bloggerseeds' have been searching for a truly interactive blogging format because we feel that the best way to think of new ideas is to share! I found this at Connie's website.... It's 100% FREE! It's called TongueWag... The easy & powerful content management & syndication tool for webmasters, content publishers & bloggers.
   posted by sherle at 8:52 AM

Notice the new link to the left...............The MayDay Project...................It sounds like fun! I may just join in!
   posted by OttO at 8:55 PM

Hey folks, be sure to check out our new page! Granni did a great job getting it set up. We are keeping quotes to blog about, among other things on that page. Check it out! More Blogger Seeds
   posted by Windy at 11:44 AM

BackBlog is accepting new members again! I know some people wanted to use it and I was not able to recommend it because it was temporarily closed down to new memberships.
   posted by sherle at 2:02 PM

Hey, I just had an idea pop into my head! How about commercials that are funny, cute, or just plain better than the show you are watching! Sometimes it doesn't take much for a commercial to outdo a tv show! Well, it's just a thought, I'll put it on the idea side tomorrow!
   posted by Windy at 11:50 PM

The following quote caught my attention on the Siglet of the Moment...

"When you speak of heaven, let your face light up; let it be irradiated by a heavenly gleam; let your eyes shine with reflected glory. But when you speak of hell, your ordinary expression will do." - Charles Spurgeon Who the heck is he anyway? I'd never heard of him! Used Google... found out.

He was a preacher... must have been a prodigy because he was hired as a pastor at the tender age of 20... but he only lived to be 58. From his pictures I'd say he lived pretty 'high on the hog' though... as they say down on the farm. Interested in more about him?... maybe for a school paper or something? You can read all about this guy at Hey! What do I know? I just thought the quote was kind of funny... well anyway the last part mostly. I might go back and find out more about him. Who knows? Maybe there's a reason why he's being quoted, hmmmm?

What else could I be inspired to talk about from this siglet? Ah! How about organized religion in general... or maybe the role of the Baptist church in 19th century England... perhaps about his voluminous writings... hmmmmmm! Maybe I'll just pick a different Siglet to blather on and on about.......
   posted by ladiosa at 7:36 PM

We are now officially added to Get Linked. Please go to that site and rate Blogger Seeds. If you think we're worthy of a good rating, give us a top rating! And don't forget to bookmark us for all your bloggin' needs!
   posted by OttO at 4:47 PM

We wanted a place to plant our ideas; they sometimes fly into our heads faster than we can use them so we're sharing them here!

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