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Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, May 30
"Let freedom ring..." Famous words from a famous song. What does freedom mean to you? Is it something you take for granted? What is being done to protect our freedoms? Or, just comment on freedom.
   posted by Windy at 7:12 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, May 29
The rainforests are important to the earth's ecological balance. What are some things we can do to help preserve the rainforest?
   posted by Windy at 6:47 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, May 28
Todays idea comes from a calendar called "Bright Ideas, 365 Creative Thinking Activities"
We've all heard the saying, "You are what you eat." What if that saying suddenly came true! What possible problems might be created, or on another note, what might be some humorous changes that might occur?
   posted by Windy at 6:30 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday May 27
Do you garden? Why or why not? How do you feel about fresh grown vs. store bought fresh? Do you think there are advantages to growing your own veggies? What about flowers?
   posted by Windy at 8:10 AM

Random Questions; Random Days...Monday, May 26
Humor is good for the soul. What is the funniest thing you ever saw or did?
   posted by Windy at 8:33 AM

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers!!! Today we're going to ask you a question AND invite you to add links to ALL the websites you own/manage that you would like to share with us! The question is.................How many websites (including blogs) do you manage? Do you feel 'overloaded' sometimes with keeping them updated? PLEASE share links here. We'd LOVE to visit your sites and leave a comment!!
   posted by OttO at 11:28 AM

Good Morning! Today's questions was suggested by Granni at Grumbleeze
Random Questions; Random Days... Friday May 23
From the cover of Time Magazine (May 26, 2003)... 'Hey, Where's my Raise?'..... 'Paychecks are shrinking for millions of Americans. What that means for your future.' So, what does that means to your future?... and that's if your lucky enough to still have a job! Please comment.
   posted by Windy at 7:58 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday May 22!
Color is all around us. People often define emotions using color. What color is love? hate? Or whatever other emotions you care to discuss. Tell why.

   posted by Windy at 7:52 AM

Random Question; Random Days... Wednesday May 21
How do you feel about your alarm clock?
   posted by Windy at 7:59 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday May 20
Once again, today's question is inspired by my calendar! "Joy comes from within." Do you feel you are joyful, why or why not? Or, just comment on the quote.
   posted by Windy at 7:41 AM

Hi all! Thanks to everyone who's been playing our little game! I tried to post my link to my blog, but the comments aren't taking. I can read them, but I can't post. I had the same problem yesterday. Oh well, you can find my answer here: Windy's Page for Thought
   posted by Windy at 10:15 PM  
Random Questions; Random Days.... Monday May 19
Let's say you stopped at a party store for a quick purchase. You gave the clerk a $10.00, but the clerk gave you change for a $20.00. You are aware of the error as soon as the clerk counts back your change. What do you do?
   posted by Windy at 8:01 AM

Random Questions; Random Days.... Saturday May 17
How do you define art?
   posted by Windy at 7:31 AM

Random Questions; Random Days.... Friday May 16!
I found the following quote in my daily calendar. There is no author noted, but I thought it would be a good thought to comment on. So...
"Of all best things upon the earth, a faithful friend is the best." Write a bit about your best friend, how did you become friends, etc...
   posted by Windy at 7:50 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday May 15
Today's question... Do you bite your nails? Shake your leg? Or do you have any nervous habits? If so, what are they? Does it help? If not, how do you relieve stress?
   posted by Windy at 9:37 AM

Random Questions; Random Days .... Wednesday May 14 Today's question ... How do you like to spend your down time? What would your dream vacation be?
   posted by Windy at 8:17 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday May 13...
Today's question... How do you divide your household chores? Including yard and vehicle maintainance.
   posted by Windy at 7:45 AM

Random Quesitions; Random Days......Monday, May 12... Today's question is......What two television channels do you view most frequently? Name two of your favorite television shows....
   posted by granpea at 7:11 AM

Random questions; Random days... Do you like games? If so, what kind, video, board, online, online interactive? Why?
   posted by Windy at 2:37 AM

Random questions; Random days Day 2:

I just signed on with Christine's new memes webring and did something that made me feel like an idiot. (I'm not really one; just felt like one!) When is the last time you 'felt like an idiot' and why? Did you do something about it?
   posted by sherle at 9:12 AM

Random questions; Random days

Works like any other meme. Answer the question on your own website... leave a comment here with the URL to your website... if you don't have a website you can leave your answers on our very own Interactive BloggerSeeds, but if you do, please leave us a comment telling us you answered here. The big difference? Our questions will be daily most of the time... but occasionally when there's a big weekend or whatever we may skip a day.

Wednesday May 7... Random question...
Who is the oldest person you can remember... and what do you remember about that person? How old was he/she?
   posted by sherle at 11:43 AM

We wanted a place to plant our ideas; they sometimes fly into our heads faster than we can use them so we're sharing them here!

Random Questions;
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Works like any other meme. Answer the question on your own website... leave a comment on the zonkboard with the URL to your website... The big difference? Our questions will be posted randomly.

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