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Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, September 30
What part of the world would you most like to visit and why?
   posted by Windy at 7:08 AM

Howdy Blogger Seed fans! First of all, I want to apologize for neglecting RQRD. I really don't have an excuse, and I vow to do better! Secondly, I've decided to only post one question per weekend for now (counting Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as the weekend) but I promise to do my best to post a question daily Monday through Thursday! Now, I'm not sure which day of the weekend will have the question, but that's part of the randomness of this site, right? You can answer any question on any day, I've been known to answer about 3-6 questions at once! hahaha! Anyway, keep coming and be sure to check in tomorrow for a new and refreshing question! Thanks for playing, and don't forget to leave your link on the comments.
   posted by Windy at 10:09 PM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, September 25
The experts say that the average credit card debt is $8,000! How do you feel about credit cards?
   posted by Windy at 7:39 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, September 24
Today's question is inspired in honor of my parents wedding anniversary, which is today. Happy 48th, Mom and Dad!
Are you married? If so, how long, if not, is there a significant other in your life? Write about it.
   posted by Windy at 7:37 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, September 23
On average, how much bulk or spam mail do you get daily? How do you feel about it? Do you know how you got on some of those mailing list?
   posted by Windy at 8:05 AM

Thanks, OttO, for filling in for me! Great questions! I'll be catching up on my RQRD soon! Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, September 22
Have you ever thought about being invisible? What would be some advantages? How about some disadvantages?
   posted by Windy at 7:08 AM

Random Questions; Random Days..... Sunday, September 21 It's Sunday and a lot of people reserve this day for special family time; or maybe just a day to relax. Please complete the following sentence...............
Sunday is a good day to ____________________________________.
   posted by OttO at 12:23 PM

Random Questions; Random Days.... Friday, September 19 Windy is currently enjoying a much needed (and well deserved) weekend away! You have fun, girl! So she's asked me to take over for the next couple of days.
Autumn is almost officially here........This leads me to today's question. Are there any activities you enjoy doing specifically in the fall?
   posted by OttO at 11:48 AM

Random Questions; Random Days? Monday, September 15
What makes you laugh?
   posted by Windy at 7:21 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Sunday, September 14
Are you a twin? Do you have twins, or other multiple siblings of the same age in your family? Do you think twins have special ways of communicating that non-twin siblings have missed out on? Explain?
   posted by Windy at 1:54 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, September 10
What is the perfect pizza? Do you have to make it at home, or can you actually get one from a pizza shop? If so, where?
   posted by Windy at 8:37 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, September 9
Do you have a favorite TV show? Is it one you never miss?
   posted by Windy at 9:00 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, September 8
Did you know that the "Pledge of Allegiance" was first read on this day in 1892? Some people would like to see the words, "under God" taken out of the pledge. What do you think about that? Why?
   posted by Windy at 7:43 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, September 4
Do you have a regular work out routine? What exercise do you like to do?
   posted by Windy at 7:28 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, September 3
September is National Better Breakfast Month! What do you usually have for breakfast? Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Explain.
   posted by Windy at 7:37 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, September 2
What is your zodiac sign? How much stock do you put into your horoscope?
   posted by Windy at 3:54 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, September 1
How do you like your eggs cooked? Why?
   posted by Windy at 2:08 AM

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