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Random Questions;  Random Days...  Friday, July 16
Land lover or water baby?
   posted by Windy at 6:07 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, July 14
How are you keeping your kids busy during this summer vacation?
   posted by Windy at 6:08 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, July 12
How artistic are you?
   posted by Windy at 6:39 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, July 9
What if you had a magic wand?
   posted by Windy at 5:58 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Wednesday, July 7
What if you had 3 wishes? What would you wish for and why?
   posted by Windy at 6:13 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Friday, July 2
What do you drink to cool off? warm up? get energy? relax?
   posted by Windy at 6:29 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, July 1
How will you celebrate our country's independence? If you are from a different country, what are your traditions?
   posted by Windy at 7:09 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Tuesday, June 22
What is something you wish you were better at doing?
   posted by Windy at 6:50 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Monday, June 21
Are you following any of the sensational trials going on right now? (i.e. Peterson and Bryant)
   posted by Windy at 7:33 AM

Random Questions; Random Days... Thursday, June 17
complete the following: "I'm different from all my friends because..."
   posted by Windy at 7:55 AM

We wanted a place to plant our ideas; they sometimes fly into our heads faster than we can use them so we're sharing them here!

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